Grudge Battle
"Let the Battle Begin"

Grudge Battle is a game project that I am currently working on for my multi-touch and iOS courses.

Grudge Battle is a simple game that will be played between a single player operating an Applie iPhone or iPad (the testing device is an iPhone 3G) and one to three players on a Microsoft Surface. The mechanics of the game will be based on basic action-RPG rules. The view in the game will be an overhead one, viewing the entire game world. The game world will be "one screen," meaning that there will be no scrolling graphis on either the Surface of the iPhone. Players' avatars will not be permitted to wander off the edge of the screen boundaries. The visual theme of the game will be medieval-esque fantasy.

It is being implemented using:

  • Microsoft XNA via the Microsoft Surface SDK v1.0 SP1 for the Surface game engine
  • iOS SDK for the iPhone/iPad game engine
  • Java for the communication between the game engines